Perla dell'Adriatico in Grottammare 2017

Summer is usually for most of us a vacation time. It is a time for relaxation, but also a time for exploring new horizons. We are spending it with our family and friends at our favorite destinations. Memories, photos, records of all kinds remain.
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Special events

This newsletter is devoted to two special events that took place on the premises of Discovery Fine Arts Studio this year.
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"Perla dell' Adriatico" in Grottammare

At the International Art Competition "Perla dell' Adriatico" in Grottammare, Italy, Frank received for his artwork again this year a prestigious award: "PREMIO SPECIALE TROFEO "PERLA DELL' ADRIATICO"
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Spring season

Spring has sprung, the nature is awaking to life. But not only the nature, also we humans welcome the spring in an anticipation of something new.
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